About Your Wandering Guides

Wild Wanders was started in 2022 but it all began long before that…
Cathryn and Sydney were casual friends until they realized that they both had the same appetite for mucking around in the woods marveling at the ground for days on end. Since then, in addition to their many joyous, bountiful, and mutually-enjoyable personal adventures, they have been hosting events for others to do the same. Before embarking on this wild adventure together they have volunteered on the board of the Western Montana Mycological Association in 2018 and have been coordinating and teaching events about fungi ever since.
Cathryn Raan
Cathryn was lucky enough to grow up in the far corner of Northwestern Montana, building tree forts, picking huckleberries and squishing puffballs. As a child, the forest was her playground and it no doubt still is today. She has been foraging around Missoula since moving here in 2013 and has a profound love for this land. She currently attends school for herbal medicine through the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine while working as an herbalist for Meadowsweet Herbs and has completed the Herbal Foundations program through the Green Path Herb School. Forever a happy student and honored to also be a teacher.
Sydney Morical
Sydney grew up speaking to the basswood tree in front of her home and animating the lives of flowers that captured her heart. It took many years before these seeds of plant-knowing found the conditions they needed to flourish. It is her life’s joy to resource people in their journey to remembering their relationships with the plants on which our lives and spirits depend. She is an apprentice to the formidable and radical Darla Torrez of Tierra Madre Midwifery and Eclectic Apothecary and life-long student and devotee of the plants. Fierce mama, cultivatrix, song healer, and intuitive, it is her prayer that our offerings help us remember our roles as stewards of this land.