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Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) Full Year 4 Seasonal Boxes 2024

Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) Full Year 4 Seasonal Boxes 2024

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By taking in the medicine of the land, may we become the medicine of the land.

Receive lovingly-crafted herbal remedies and magic of the land that holds you four times a year. We are bringing the love of the land from the forest to your home with our inaugural herbal medicine community offering.

With this CSA subscription you will pay once per year and receive a box each quarter. Boxes are picked up at a designated time and location with a potluck for members who wish to commune and feast with plant people, as well as taking a deeper dive into the offerings and how we enjoy them.

The first box of the season (WINTER) will be available for pick up JANUARY 11th, 2024. Each box contains six products and a small journal about the preparations, how we enjoy them, plant tales, and lore. 

In this subscription, you will receive four boxes of herbal medicines that could include: 
  • oils
  • oxymels
  • elixirs
  • honeys
  • teas
  • tinctures
  • balms

and many other potent potions

Why we made this: 

To nourish and support our people

To provide a potent  avenue of connection to our home 

To offer a locally sourced option for nourishment and healing

To showcase how delicious wild plants can be

To share our creativity in the kitchen

To deepen our seasonal nature 

To foster appreciation and gratitude 

To make local herbs a regular part of people’s diet

To empower people in reclaiming sovereignty of their health and wellness

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